FSH, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta’s Institute for Research and Community Outreach (LP2M) held socialization event related to the 2019 fiscal year programs on Wednesday (05/08/2019), at the FSH UIN Jakarta Meeting Room, campus I of UIN Jakarta.

Head of LP2M Jajang Jahroni said that one of the tasks and functions of the institution he led was to improve the quality of research and publication. To realize this goal, Jajang explained that LP2M requires the supports from the lecturers in improving the research quality in 2019.

“There are several ways to improve the research quality, including a coaching clinic or lecturer discussion forum to improve lecturer research. Then, mentoring and partnering activities that will be led by a partner mentor who has written in a reputable journal,” said Jajang.

Jajang also added that the coaching clinic and mentoring activities in the near future will be held in three faculties, one of including FSH UIN Jakarta.

In response, Dean of FSH Ahmad Tholabi Kharlie welcomed the socialization delivered by LP2M. As a faculty partner, LP2M is considered very helpful in improving the lecturer’s research quality.

“FSH will support and ready to assist the programs launched by LP2M,” said Tholabi. (usa)

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