Surabaya, NEWS UIN Online– Debate Team of the Law Faculty of Sharia and Law UIN Jakarta to follow the race Law Debate Law Airlangga National Student Competition 2016 organized by the University of Airlangga, 15-17/1. UIN Jakarta sent a team with a new lineup that Abdullatif Zaenal (Jurisprudence), Hamalatul Qur’ani (Legal Studies) and M. Sidik (Family Law). They were accompanied by Indra Rahmatullah MH, As a mentor who was always escorted until the competition was over.

In this competition, FSH UIN Jakarta won two after competing with local universities of the roosters from the east, the team from Hasanuddin University. The UNHAS team has previously participated with UIN Jakarta team in the same competition in Law Fair Diponegoro Diponegoro the University in Semarang, both of which also lasted until the semi-final defeat by their respective opponents. However, in this competition they met in the Final (17/1).

The results achieved by the two champion Teams by UIN Jakarta does not discourage their spirit to keep fighting. They realized that their team at UIN Jakarta that appeared in this competition with the formation of new and different people. Winners of two already, and a good start for the new generation of this team, regeneration is very important in a team for a good sustainability, said Indra accompanying the delegation at UIN Jakarta. Thank you for your support and prayers for us all, hopefully they will come and achieve better results, he added. (Translated by: Ihsan/Safee)

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