FSH, UIN News Online – Rizal Habibunnajar and Bahriay, 6th semester student of FSH UIN Jakarta, won 2nd winner in the national Fasih Law Fair 2019 on Thursday (05/02/2019) at IAIN Tulungagung. In addition to Rizal and Bahriay, Ahmad Zamzam Saefi also succeeded in winning the National Level MQK, a similar achievement was also obtained by Azizah Ratu Buanan Khan who managed to become the 1st Winner of the National Level English Debate both of which held by the Jakarta Institute of Qur’an (IIQ).

Separatately, Dean of FSH Ahmad Tolabi Kharlie expressed his gratitude for the various achievements accomplished by his students.

“This achievement is expected to motivate the other FSH students to increase their potential,” he said.

Ahmad also added that FSH UIN Jakarta will facilitate its student in accomplishing various achievements, either national or international scale.

“Hopefully, we can maintain and improves this tradition,” he concluded. (usa)

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