Bandung, BERITA UIN Online– Debate team from Faculty of Syariah and Law (FSH) has won the second best on University Law Debate Competition on national region “Padjajaran Law Fair” in Bandung, Friday – Sunday (15-17/04). The competition was held by Padjajaran University and General Council (MPR) is attended by Law Student Debate Team from university all over the nation.

In this competition which theme titled ‘Internationalize Government Law System’, Faculty of Syariah and Law UIN Jakarta sent new faces as representative. The team consists of Reza Baihaqi (Mazhab and Law Comparison Study/VI), Nur Rahmi Febriani (Law Study/IV), and Edi Kurniawan (Law Study/IV). The team was accompanied by M Ishar Helmi, SH, S Sy.

In achieving the second best place, said Ishar, FSH debate team started from the elimination round until the semifinal. In the semifinal which used Chaimber system, FSH debate team met two tough competitor. In the first semifinal, the team faced Pasudan University’s team. Then in the second semifinal, FSH debate team faced the toughest team which came from Diponegoro University. “But, Alhamdulillah, FSH debate team successfully eliminate both team,” said Ishar.

The success of FSH debate team in the semifinal cause the team to made it to the final. But in this round, the team must admit the opponent’s excellence, who came from University of Catholic Parahiyangan. “But with the team formation of new faces, the second best place is a great start for the team to continue on to the next event in the future. Hopefully with more preparation and experience, the team could do much more,” Ishar hoped.

In other news, the head of UIN Jakarta and Faculty of Syaria and Law Study apreciated the success the debate team has achieved. FSH Dean, Dr. Asep Saepudin Jahar MA, welcomed the team’s success and appreciate their achievement. “Congratulation on the achievement that make us proud, you have work so hard to be the best. Keep on the spirit to be the best,” he hoped. (Translated by: Ihsan/Amanda)

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