Rectorate , UIN NEWS Online – New students (freshmen) who pass the selection to enter UIN Jakarta must undergo a series of foreign language tests. Tests are conducted to determine the level of foreign language skills for students before attending the lecture which will be held in early September.

As stated by Siti Nurul Azkiyah, Head of the UIN Jakarta Language Development Center (PPB) in a conversation with UIN NEWS Online at the Rectorate building on Monday (08/13/2018). According to Nurul, a foreign language test must be taken by every new student without exception. The tests include Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and Test of Arabic as a Foreign Language (TOAFL) which are held in several batches.

“The test is mandatory before the student officially get into their term. If the student didn’t take the tests, it’s a concern that they can’t take the bachelor thesis examination at the end of the semester, ” she said.

TOEFL and TOEFL tests for UIN Jakarta students are held every day during the re-registration period. The test was held at the Language Development Centre (PPB) campus 2 building with a shift system from 08.00 to 17.00. There are 140 problems that are tested, including text reading and listening.

Nurul further explained that the standard for the TOEFL and TOAFL test is determined by the score. The score is different between students of linguistic and non-linguistic study programs and undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

For example, for the TOEFL test undergraduate students who come from linguistic study programs, such as English Language Education and English Language and Literature, the score must reach 500. While for non-English language and literature, the score is 450. Master Program (S2) for non-English Language and Literature study program, score of 450 and for English Language Education and English Language and Literature score of 525. As for Doctoral Programs (S3), there are 500 scores of English Non-Language and Literature study programs and English and Language Education and English Literature is 525.

Unlike the TOEFL, the graduation standard for TOAFL test scores in accordance with the PPB provisions for undergraduate students is 375 general study programs and 400 religious study programs. While for Language Education, Arabic Language and Literature, Tarjamah and Dirasat Islamiyah study programs pass score 475 .

For general field master program a score of 400, 450 religious study program, while for the general study program a score of 375 and a religious study program score 450. Especially students of the Arabic Language Education Program, Arabic Language and Literature, Tarjamah, and Dirasat Islamiyah score 500.

The Doctoral Program for general study programs scores 425 and 500 religions. While for the Study Program of English Language Education, Arabic Language and Literature, Tarjamah, and Dirasat Islamiyah the score is 525.

“Well, if the TOEFL and TOAFL scores are less than the standards, they must retake the test until they really pass the tests,” she said. (usa)

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