Rectorate Building, UIN News Online – In order to realize a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on research collaboration between UIN Jakarta with several universities in France, the French Embassy in Jakarta offers special scheme for UIN Jakarta Researchers.

The Attaché of Scientific Cooperation Prof Dr. Nicolas Gascoin, Deputy Attache of Scientific Cooperation Hadyan and the Director of France-Indonesia Institute, Syarah Andriani visit UIN Jakarta on Tuesday, (8/9). They offer research schemes for six months in Indonesia and six months in France to one researcher.

“We already sent proposals to 11 Universities in France regarding with the research cooperation with UIN Jakarta,” said Nicolas Gascoin in front of the Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof Dr. Dede Rosyada, Head of the Institute for Research and Community Service (LP2M) Prof Dr. Arskal Salim, Head of Center for Research and Publication (Puslitpen) Wahdi Sayuti MA, Head of Center for International Cooperation (PLKI) Rachmat Baihaky, MA, a number of deans of faculty and the bureau heads.

Dede welcomed the scheme of the research cooperation which is offered because it was built based on a well balanced scheme in accordance with the applicable procedures in UIN Jakarta.

“This scheme is safe in terms of financing and regulation. I hope LP2M and Puslitpen together with PLKI can make two models, training and research.” He said.

At the same occasion, the Chairman LP2M Arskal Salim suggests to immediately make a quotation in order to be added into the next budget year.

“Research is an important aspect for UIN Jakarta to gain international recognition, so it should be prioritized,” he asserted.

He also added that UIN Jakarta can request funding from the Ministry of Religious Affairs (Kemenag) because it is related to the collaboration between Kemenag and the French researchers.

During the meeting, there are two important agenda related to research, the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) INSA-France in December 2016 which will be attended by the French Foreign Minister and the meeting with IRTI-UIN-France to get Counterpart Budget (mf/umar)

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