FAPSI, UIN News Online – Faculty of psychology (FAPSI) UIN Jakarta holds studium generale on 21st century non-cognitive abilities, Wednesday (06/26/2019) at FAPSI’s theater room, campus II of UIN Jakarta.

By raising the theme on “Noncognitive Skills in 21th Century: Development Assessment”, the event invites psychometrics expert, who is also a lecturer at FAPSI UIN Jakarta Bahrul Hayat as a resource person and moderated by Akhmad Baidun.

In his prologue, Akhmad Baidun said that FAPSI UIN Jakarta often held a studium generale to develop its student knowledge, especially in field of assessment in facing the era of industrial revolution 4.0.

“Additionally, FAPSI UIN Jakarta also has excellence in the field of psychometry and and usually used as a reference by other well-known universities in Indonesia,” said Akhmad.

Meanwhile, Bahrul Hayat in his presentation explained that cognitive abilities are very limited. Furthermore, we must develop our non-cognitive abilities, and we must be able to understand the four meta-cognitive quadrants.

“I know that I know, I know that I don’t know, I don’t know that I know, and I don’t know that I don’t know,” said Bahrul

He also added that He also added that there are three non-cognitive abilities that we must have in order to face the world of work, namely Ability, Adaptability and Curiosity.

Based on UIN News Online Observation, the participants were very enthusiastic in following the event. This is evidenced by various questions raised by the participants to the speakers. (usa)

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