Rectorat Building, UIN NEWS Online— On that Thursday afternoon, (June 23th 2016) after office hour, the employee of UIN Jakarta  named Ariadi Rahman immediately returned home. He was in a hurry because he do not want to get stuck on the traffic.

On his way home, the employee who served as administrator in Center for International Cooperation (CIC) realized that he forget to scan his finger at the finger printing device.

On the next day, after getting the information about attendance corrective procedure, the 2006 graduates from Faculty of Da’wah and Communication, he immediately heading to personnel department to take the notification form.

“This form must be filled and signed by direct supervisor and need to be sent immediately to me or Mrs Marnita Umar,” said MF Iqbal, personnel administrator in his office, on Friday (25/06/2015).

Iqbal explained to UIN NEWS Online that there are quite few similar cases occurred among the employees, during office hours or after office hour, the other case is unreadable scan result, but most of the problems already been anticipated by the personnel department.

“We can taking care of all working units that have a problem with finger prints, whether it in the centre (University) or the faculty from here,” said Iqbal.

To avoid the problems, Iqbal who supervised the finger printing system will give you a tips on how to use the finger printing device properly.

When you see the “ID Accepted” notification written on the scanner. It means the data is already recorded on the device. But when you only the date written on the scanner, it means the data  is not yet recorded by the device. Just repeat until “ID Accepted” notificatiom appears. He explained.

For the finger printing location, only the nearest finger device from the division of works  that can be used, For example, if your division of work is in the 2nd campus, you are only able to use the finger device that aldready placed there.

“It was applied because there are some individual who his/her finger records are full, but in fact he/she was not in the working place,” Said Iqbal.

Employees who was affected by mutation, won’t be able to do the finger printing activity from his/her new division of works. It is simply because his/her data have not been recorded in the devices. He suggested the employee to report immediately to the personnel department.

Regarding to this matter, the personel department already do the socialization process. “Actually, this information has been socialized to the employees, but some of them maybe do not know it yet,” he conclude. (MF/Umar Syarif Audah)

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