Rectorate Building, UIN NEWS Online– As part of the family UIN Jakarta, this Ramadan foreign students at UIN Jakarta receive special attention from Service Center for International Cooperation (PLKI). Many of them will be fasting one full month of Ramadan with Eid in Indonesia.

For example Sayed Safee Peters, South African student at the Faculty of Dirasat Islamiyah (FDI) on his fourth semester has spent two Ramadans without returning to his country South Africa.

“The travel expenses is a bit pricey, to buy a return ticket costs Rp15 million for all flights, which is approximately 19 hours, “said Safee in PLKI office, Thursday (06/23/16).

Similarly with the other foreign students whose countries are far from Indonesia and considerable costs to fly home, such as Canada, Afghanistan, Gambia (West Africa), Cape Town (South Africa), Morocco, Tajikistan, Egypt, China, the Netherlands, Iran, Turkey, Russia and Yemen.

“Inevitably they had to fast and celebrate Eid in Indonesia, away from parents and their families,” said Rachmat Baihaky MA Head PLKI in his office, Thursday (06/23/16).

Their activities thus far, added Baihaky, there are still students having UAS (finals) and there are also students attending the preparatory classes for the Indonesian Language for Foreign Students (BIMA) at the Center for Language Development (ESD).

“Most of those fasting, and will be celebrating Eid here are the newly accepted students for academic year 2016/2017. They must come to the September lecture BIMA 2016 is a new class ended yesterday,” said Baihaky.

Because the class is over, continued Baihaky, now they basically have no existing activities. For those who are diligent, they will come to PLKI to fill the void of time by repeating BIMA or just to spend some time together at PLKI.

Seeing this condition, Baihaky had the initiative to create a program, namely Buka Puasa Bersama (Ifthar Together) during Ramadan at his house with employees and officials of UIN Jakarta. In addition to be able to entertain them, there are many new things that can be known when discussing parents in an Indonesian household with Indonesian people.

“I think this is very interesting and it should be our common interest, because however, they are family at UIN Jakarta,” explained Baihaky while continued, “I’ve been offered this by some employees and managers, Alhamdulillah some of them are willing, then I will convey it to the rector,” added Baihaky already started prior Bukber and Tarawih in congregation with foreign students at his home, Mampang, on Wednesday (06/22/16).

“In the future, we will start and attach this program to PLKI, hopefully in the next Ramadan we will be well coordinated. For those interested to invite them for Bukber, please contact PLKI, this may become a pious charity for all of us,” Baihaky said.

For those living closer to Indonesia, like Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, East Timor, the majority of them prefer to return to their country, although there are some who remain in Indonesia. (Translated by Dzikri/Safee)

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