Student Center, UIN News Online – Students Foreign Language Assosiation (FLAT) of UIN Jakarta holds English and Arabic debate competition, Saturday, (4/8) at Student center hall and the faculty of sharia and law building, 6th floor, campus I of UIN Jakarta.

The English debate won by MBEC Mercubuana and Universitas Negeri Jakarta (UNJ) as the runner up. Meanwhile, the Arabic debate won by the Faculty of Dirasat Islamiyah UIN Jakarta and Arabic language and literature as the runner up.

As for the best English speakers category is achieved by Dewi Utama (MBEC Mercubuana) and Fahri Fauzi (FAH UIN Jakarta) for the best Arabic speakers.

“Hoperfully with this debate competition, UIN Jakarta will be more familiar with competitive climate and accustomed to use English and Arabic in a daily basis,” said one of the committee, Nafa Fujiama Ragesta, to UIN News Online.

The debate competition is participated by 14 teams, consisted of 8 teams for English debate and 6 teams for Arabic debate from several universities in greater Jakarta area.

Presents as the judges, Moh. Faliqul Ishbah SfilI, UIN Jakarta graduate who qualified in the field of English and Arabic debates. (usa)


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