FK, UIN News Online – Faculty of Medicine (FK) UIN Jakarta holds studium generale, Monday (05/20/1019) at FK Theater room, campus II of UIN Jakarta. By raising the theme on “Membangun Kehebatan Insaniah dengan Ramadhan yang Agung Program Studi Kedokteran FK UIN Jakarta”, this event presents Ustadh Dr. Abdul Ghani, M.Hum as a resource person. Also present in the event, Dean of FK UIN Jakarta HAri Hendarto, abd FK Department head Achmad Zaki.

Achmad Zaki in his remarks said that fasting in Ramadan is like 3 processes in technology, where the three things are (Input-processing-output). Only selected people can carry out the fast of Ramadhan.

“The input is a believer, then it is processed by undergoing a month-long fasting service and the output is an increase in the level of faith,” said Achmad.

Meanwhile, Abdul Ghani in his presentation conveying about the fasting relationship with 5 (five) dimensions that exists in each Human, namely the Physical, Social, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual dimensions. Fasting can be linked to 5 dimensions, fasting can improve physical health, fasting can increase social piety, fasting can increase the intelligence, both emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence with the ultimate goal of becoming a great human after Ramadan.

“In particular, for a doctor, fasting can train and produce a Muslim doctor that is beneficial by spreading all the goodness,” said Abdul Ghani (usa).

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