FK, UIN News Online – Faculty of Medicine (FK) UIN Jakarta holds the Integrative Medical Expo and Olympiade (IMEXO) 2018 on November 17-18th 2018 at campus II of UIN Jakarta. The event, which consists of medical student olympiad, national seminar on medical education, medical expo exhibition and bazaar was inaugurated by Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof Dr Dede Rosyada MA.

Rector in his remarks give his appreciation to all elements involved in this event, he also hopes that FK UIN Jakarta could became a leading Islamic-based FK in Indonesia.

Based on UIN News Online observation, one of the 2018 IMEXO agendas that crowded by participants was blood donor activities. This activity was greeted enthusiastically by the participants who queued to donate their blood.

One of the PMI staff, Maman Sulaiman to UIN News Online on Saturday, (11/17/2018) said that he was very grateful to be invited to this event. “This activity is very positive, it can help us in maintaining the stock of blood bags in our area,” he said. (usa)

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