Diorama Room, UIN NEWS Online– Five assessors of National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (BAN-PT) started to conduct assessment of the proposal for UIN Jakarta institution re-accreditation. The assessment in the form of evaluation and appraisal of the contents of UIN Jakarta is scheduled for two days, Thursday-Friday 22-23 February.

The five assessors of BAN-PT, Prof. Dr. Ing Mulyadi Bur, Prof. Dr. Made Sudarma SE MM Ak., Prof. Dr. Purwanto Apt., Dr. Ahmad Yani Anshori MA, and Dr. Sugeng Listyo Prabowo MA. The five were welcomed by the Rector Prof Dr Dede Rosyada MA in the procession of welcoming the assessors at the Diorama Room of Harun Nasution Building, Thursday (02/22/2018).

“We welcome to the assessors who have been pleased to come for the assessment of UIN Jakarta’s re-accreditation institution. Hopefully everything can perform the task smoothly, “said rector.

Rector said, the assessment activities for the re-accreditation of UIN Jakarta institution is an activity that has long been awaited by UIN Jakarta academic community. Coordinated by Quality Assurance Institution (LPM), UIN Jakarta since last year has been filling the form according to standard set by BAN PT.

Representing the assessors, Prof. Dr. Ing Mulyadi Bur expressed his gratitude for the remarks given by UIN Jakarta. He hopes the process of examination and evaluation form proposed UIN Jakarta can take place smoothly so that the accreditation assessment process can be done optimally.

“Hopefully this assessment can run smoothly and UIN Jakarta get the best value based on objective assessment, “he said.

Second Assessment

On that occasion, the Rector revealed that this assessment process is the second time for UIN Jakarta. In the first assessment, UIN Jakarta successfully obtained A mark on accreditation of institution.

With this accreditation, UIN Jakarta became one of 66 accredited national universities. “Hopefully in this second assessment, UIN Jakarta can maintain its accreditation rank,” he hoped.

During the last few years, rector continued, UIN Jakarta continues to improve its academic and institutional quality. The accreditation of the study program, for example, UIN Jakarta has 32 accredited A and 33 accredited B’s degrees.

He also added that, UIN Jakarta has also certified with ASEAN University Network Quality Assurance (AUN QA).

“Currently, we are also preparing for a similar certification from AUN QA. There are three study programs, namely Management, Information System, and Islamic Family Law, “he said.

UIN Jakarta is committed to transforming into a world-class university. This commitment is based on the importance of placing UIN Jakarta as part of the world’s scholarly and Islamic university networks.

To that end, UIN Jakarta continues to increase world rankings such as Webometrics, Google Scholar, 4ICU, and SINTA. In addition to increasing the number and quality of published international research publications, UIN Jakarta does so by joint research and exchange of professors and lecturers with world partner universities. (usa)

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