FITK, UIN News Online – Educational Sciences Faculty (FITK) UIN Jakarta will open Islamic Religious Education (PAI) Doctoral study program in 2020. Therefore, the Dean of FITK UIN Jakarta invited a number of FITK Professors, namely Abuddin Nata Dede Rosyada , Suwito, and Ulfah Fajarini in the meeting held on Monday (1/13/2020) at FITK building, campus I of UIN Jakarta.

Also present in the event, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Zulkifli, the Head of Quality Assurance Institute Asep Saepudin Jahar, and a number of FITK lecturers.

Abuddin Nata said that the Decree of the Chancellor of UIN Jakarta No 2 of 2019 concerning the Opening of New Study Programs at UIN Jakarta can be used as a legal and regulatory basis in opening the PAI doctoral program. “In terms of regulation, FITK has fulfilled the requirements to open the S3 Program,” he said.

He also added that the curriculum should be designed in a more specific way and the teaching staff should be the best lecturers with proportional assignment.

Meanwhile, Dede Rosyada informed that the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs had been very comprehensive in managing the field of Islamic Religious Education. According to Dede, PAI is not only in the madrasa, but also goes to public schools, from elementary, junior high, high school to university level.

“Moreover, those who enter PAI must have strong skills, knowledge, and mentality,” he said.

This program, he added, is a high level education with more detailed instruments. It is they who will later redesign the PAI curriculum.

“The FITK curriculum has been evaluated by experts from the Melbourne University Australia and no problems were found, so the PAI S3 students must have the skills needed by the school,” he said.

Meanwhile Suwito gave advice based on his experience as an assessor of BAN-PT. Suwito said that there are three things that must be considered in opening a doctoral program, namely the availability of lecturers, facilities and infrastructure, and prospective students.

“When it is fulfilled, others will follow,” he said.

After listening to the professor’s presentation and, Sururin asked the forum to determine the proposal drafting team. Sapiudin was elected by acclamation as the PAI’s doctoral program establishment team with  Zaimuddin as Deputy chairman, along with Heny Narendrani Hidayati, Erba Rozalina Yulianti, Bobi Erno Rusadi, and Muslikh Amrullah as team members. (usa/mf)

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