FITK building, UIN NEWS Online– The Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teaching Sciences (FITK) UIN Jakarta will hold 2018 Student Day activities to welcome new students (freshmen) of FITK after PBAK (Introduction to Academic and Campus Culture) on Friday (08/31/2018) at the FITK Building.

Vice Dean for Student Affairs and Alumni Cooperation (Wadek III) FITK Dr. Fauzan MA explained, this activity was intended to prepare FITK students to become real students in understanding their identity as students.

“PBAK is general in nature, it is the scope of the university, so FITK needs to make a maximum introduction in terms of faculty academic culture,” said Fauzan at the Student Day Coordination Meeting, Tuesday (08/28/2018) in the theater room of FITK.

He also added, there is need to be a second delivery to bridge the freshman entering the new world, academic world so that they are not shocked

“I’m afraid there will be shock if we didn’t do secondary introduction. We will direct them into the academic world, discussion tips, scientific writing techniques, and talent search,” Fauzan added.

Also, Fauzan continued, based on from the freshmen data received, almost all of the 1070 freshmen has their own achievement, such as Quran Olympics, achievement in the field of science, sport and art.

“They need the directions so that they can join a suitable Students activity units (UKM) to develop their potential and achievement to be listed on SKPI,” he said.

Fauzan also conveyed that they will invite student’s parents in order to deliver informations regarding faculty and classes the freshmen will be participated.

“So, it creates a commitment from student’s parents, they will know where their children study, the campus conditions, and its learning system, which makes silaturrahim between parents and university,” he ended.

As known, on the event the freshmen will be given topics about discovering student’s talent, Building Scientific Writing Tradition, Paper Planning Techniques, Discussion and Giving Out Questions Techniques, and Time Management with 33 speakers from FITK best graduates who finished their masters. (usa)

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