FITK, UIN News Online –  In order to celebrate its 61st anniversary, FITK UIN Jakarta will hold Tarbiyah Expo entitled “Ekasasti Tarbiyah Harmoni in Diversity” on April 17th until May 8th, 2018.

“As in previous year, FITK will hold various academic and non-academic activities for students, lecturers and employees,” said Vice Dean for Student Affairs FITK UIN Jakarta Dr Fauzan MA during the Tarbiyah Expo 2018 coordination meeting at FITK meeting room, Wednesday, (04/11/2018).

This event is expected to raise the competence of lecturers, employees, and especially FITK UIN Jakarta students in the sports, arts, literacy, and religious fields.

FITK students, employees and lecturers will compete in various competition, such as futsal, badminton, table tennis and traditional races such as Tarik Tambang, Balap Bakyak, Makan Kerupuk, Karaoke and more,” Explained Fauzan in front of the meeting participants.

According to Fauzan, the main purpose of this event is to tie the relationship between FITK academic community through sports event and competitions.

On the same occasion, General Administration Head of FITK UIN Jakarta Imam Tobroni SE said, to support the faculty Key Performance Indicators (IKU), the prize will be given not in the form of money, but in the form of certificate.

“Prize in the form of money do not directly support IKU, therefore we will provide the prize in the form of certificates that can support the additional indicators in SKPI,” he said.

For information, the opening ceremony will be held on Tuesday, April 17, 2018 in a form of educational oration, gong beating, balloon release and followed by parade which represented by 10 student delegates from 12 FITK Study Programs. The event will be closed on Tuesday, May 8 2018 with an International Seminar at Harun Nasution Auditorium. (usa)

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