FITK, UIN News Online – Faculty of Educational Sciences of UIN Jakarta in collaboration with UP Malaysia, University of Exeter, University of Manchester, University of Munstar, and University of South Australia will organize the 4th International Conference on Education in Muslims Society (ICEMS) with the theme of “New Perspective on STEM Education in Muslim Society: Current Issues from different lenses” on October 24th-25th, 2018 at Campus I of UIN Jakarta.

Based on release obtained by UIN News Online, Tuesday (10/02/2018), this international conference aims to provide an international scientific forum for researchers, scholars, practitioners, and students to exchange ideas, point of views, critical review, and to communicate and discuss those issues in the field of STEM Education, Discussing and generating approriate paradigm for getting a better education to form new academia, and providing beneficial and valuable contribution for the development of STEM education.

To acquire that aim, this conference includes the plenary sessions and the parallel ones. The plenary sessions will deliver the speech of the keynote speaker and the papers of the invited panelists of this conference, while the parallel sessions will demonstrate the papers submitted to this conference by its participants. In both sessions, this conference expects that the panelists and the participants will exchange their thoughts and findings in connection to the above-mentioned.

The conference will present a number of keynote speakers, namely Prof Dr Dede Rosyada (UIN Jakarta), Dr Naseer Mansour (University of Exeter, UK), Dr Andrew J Howes (University of Manchester, UK), Prof Simon Leonard (University of South Australia), Prof Dr Hans-Dieter Barke (University of Munster, Germany), and Prof Dr Aida Suraya MD (University Putera Malaysia). (usa)

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