FITK, UIN News Online – English Education Study Program, FITK UIN Jakarta holds a workshop on Wednesday (8/21/2019) in the FITK Meeting Room, campus I of UIN Jakarta. By raising the theme on “Tapping the Research Potential”, this event invites Mark Smith from the University of Dundee Scotland to present as a speaker.

In his presentation, Mark Smith explained that he collaborated with researchers in Nepal about Global Mental Health and Social Work. “Interdisciplinary research is currently becoming a trend and is considered very important in helping to solve problems in society,” he said.

Each country, he continued, has their own uniqueness, giving birth to its own research patterns. In research, he explained, the most important thing was not only academic matters (journals, etc.), but also the research results usefulness in the community.

In addition, Mark also invited researchers from FITK UIN Jakarta to prepare his research proposal and will help connect it with researchers at the Dundee University, so that collaboration in the field of research can be established.

In addition to Mark, the workshop also invites lecturer at PBI UIN Jakarta Tati Lathipatud Durriyah who presented a research project on literacy education, childrens’ literature and reader response.

Tati briefly explained the studies that had been carried out. She hopes that the research he has done has a connection to the ongoing research at the Dundee University. (usa/mf/lrf)


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