Ciputat, UIN News Online – Delegations from the Faculty of Tarbiya and Teaching Sciences (FITK) UIN Jakarta visited a Turkish Islamic educational institution known as the United Islamic Cultural Center of Indonesia (UICCI) Sulaimaniyah  Tahdidz Islamic Boarding School Ciputat on Wednesday (08/14/2019).

The FITK delegation consisting of Vice Dean for Academic Affairs Muhammad Zuhdi MEd, Vice Dean for Student Affairs, Alumni, and Cooperation Khalimi, PAI Department Head Abdul Haris MAg, Secretary of PAI Department Rusydi Jamil was warmly received by the Director of Islamic Boarding School Sulaimaniyah Musthofa and Director of Tahfizh Sulaimaniyah for the Asia-Pacific Region, Ferhat Bas.

During the visit, Musthofa explained the educational status in this Pesantren is equivalent to Diniyah Takmiliyah Indonesia. In Turkey, said Musthofa, the education system is overseen by the Turkish government. “In Indonesia, we are under the supervision of the Ministry of Religious Affairs,” he said.

Regarding the education system, continued Musthofa, emphasizing the strengthening of the Islamic religion, Turkish language courses, and the Koran tahfizh with the Ottoman Turkish method.

“Most of the santri here are all students who are taking their studies in campuses around here, such as the University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta and UIN Jakarta. They stay here to memorize the Koran and deepening their religious knowledge until they finish their studies on campus,” said Mustopha.

In response, M Zuhdi expressed his gratitude and planned to initiate collaboration with Sulaimaniyah Tahfidz Islamic Boarding School, by sending students his and lecturers to study and conduct research activity in Turkey related to Turkish Islam and Indonesian Islam, learning the Quran of the Ottoman Turkish Method, and teaching Turkish.

“We can formulate various cooperation plans in the form of MoU,” he said. (usa/lrf)

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