Jakarta, UIN News Online – Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teachers Training Science (FITK) UIN Jakarta submits 79 PAI Teacher education certificates to the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government through the Department of Education and Education Personnel (PTK), Tuesday (03/03/2020) in the PTK Office, Jakarta.

The surrender was carried out by the Head of Administration Section of FITK UIN Jakarta Imam Thobroni to the Sub-Directorate Head (Kasubdit) of PTK, represented by PTK staff members, Sudir.

Imam explained, FITK UIN Jakarta received 122 Teacher Professional Education (PPG) Program participants for PAI Subject based on the FITK Cooperation Agreement with the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government (Pemprov) which was signed on Thursday, May 2, 2019.

“From FITK, it was signed by the Dean of FITK Dr. Sururin MAg and from the DKI Provincial Government signed by the Head of DKI Jakarta Provincial Government,” he said.

79 participants for the DKI area were declared to have passed as professional teachers and received educator certificates, while the rest who had not yet passed were still given the opportunity to re-take the Knowledge Test (UP) 14 times over three years.

He explained, to participate in the UP, PPG students must first pass online learning, workshops, and Performance Test (Ukin).

“PPG graduation is determined from the UP results with the graduation standard setting that has been agreed by all PTKIN with the Ministry of Religion and the Ministry of Education and Culture,” said Imam.

After being declared graduated, continued Imam, on December 31, 2019, those who graduated including teachers from the Ministry of Religion were invited to the inaugural event by the Rector of UIN Jakarta accompanied by the Dean of FITK , and witnessed by the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs officials and the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government in PPG FITK UIN Jakarta Bojongsari.

Meanwhile, Sudir said, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government will immediately inform the number of teachers who will be included in PPG at FITK UIN Jakarta in 2020.

“Governor Anies is targeting that in all of his tenure, all DKI Jakarta teachers have been certified, but this is still constrained by the LPTK implementation. And yes, We will soon hold an evaluation meeting for the implementation of PPG 2019 and coordinate to determine the 2020 quota” said Sudir.

He also informed that the certificate that has been received by the DKI Provincial Government will  be distributed ceremonially to teachers at the DKI Jakarta Provincial Education Office. (usa/mf)

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