FITK, UIN News Online – The Integrated Teaching Professional Practice (PPKT) Program of Faculty of Tarbiya and Teachers Training (FITK) UIN Jakarta will be replaced by PPL and KKN programs. This is done in reference to level 1-9 of the Indonesian National Qualification Framework (KKNI) for the development of Indonesian human resources compiled by the Ministry of Manpower and the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud).

“Recognition of qualifications not only refers to formal education, but also refers to training which is gained beyond formal education, such as independent learning, and working experiences,” said FITK Laboratory Secretary Dindin Ridwanuddin MA to UIN News Online at FITK building, campus I of UIN Jakarta, Wednesday, (11/8/2017).

With KKNI, he continued, the recognition of qualification will also refer to training and work experience, training and work experience outside of formal education will eventually result in competency certificate that can be used by students.

According to Dindin, according to dindin, the level of higher education now still needs to adjust with the KKNI. Teachers for example, will be at level 7, namely S1 and professional teacher education. “Teachers are required to conduct research, such as classroom action research in accordance with level 7 criteria, while in FITK, S1 is currently at level 6 while PPKT is at level 7, “he explained.

Therefore, Dindin continued, there will be changes and revisions in educational practice, because the PPKT program is currently focused solely on research and teaching activities.

He also informed that to substitute the PPKT program, PPL (Field Profession Program) was designed, the term was taken from Permenristekdikti No. 55 Tahun 2017 and will be made into three phases by the faculty, which is PPL I, PPL II and PPL III. “PPL I will be focused on school observation activities related to school climate and what teachers taught at the school,” he added.

fter obtaining the findings from the observations made for two or three weeks in PPL I, a report was made to be forwarded to PPL II, which is micro teaching at FITK Lab with the prerequisite of continuing to visit school for learning plan observation, on how to design learning methods and implement it. In PPL III, everything goes into teaching practice.

“During PPKT, there is teaching, and research for four months. Now the research content is no longer there, focusing on teaching in a 2 month PPL program run by faculty and 2-month college-run KKN programs along with other faculties. In 2018, there is no more PPKT in FITK,” he concluded. (usa)

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