FITK, UIN News Online – A total of 155 applicants for the Masters Program in the Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training of UIN Jakarta took an entrance test on Thursday (08/01/2019) at the Mahmud Yunus theater, FITK building, campus I of UIN Jakarta.

According to the Head of FITK Administration Section Imam Thobroni, , the registrants are scattered in four master study programs, namely Magister of Islamic Education (PAI) 46 people, Magister of Arabic Education (PBA) 31 people, Magister of English Education (PBI) ) 31 people and Master of Islamic Education Management (MPI) 47 people.

“The test will be held for two days. Today is the Academic Potential Test (TPA) and they will be interviewed in the afternoon,” said Imam.

In the interview session, he continued, they would be asked by examiners from FITK lecturers according to the proposals they had submitted during registration.

“One participant will be interviewed by two lecturers with material in accordance with their respective study programs in the room that we have prepared,” he said.

For the second day, they will take the TOAFL and TOEFL tests at PPB UIN Jakarta.  The test results will be announced on August 9, 2019 through the FITK website at and also emailed to each participant.

In addition to receiving prospective master’s students through the regular admission type, Imam informed FITK also accepting prospective students through scholarships in collaboration with the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA).

“FITK got a quota of 17 people for PAI Masters specifically for madrasa teachers in Fiqh subjects. Currently only 16 registrants and only six people have returned the files. Registration is closed on 2 August 2019,” said Imam. (usa/lrf/mf)

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