FITK Building, UIN NEWS Online– In order to provide guidance to Bidikmisi scholarship students, Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training (FITK) UIN Jakarta will spread the students to work units in FITK.

This was conveyed by the Vice Dean for Student Affairs Alumni and FITK Cooperation Dr Fauzan MA at the Student Bidikmisi FITK Student Meeting 2017 Semester Even, Tuesday (2/6/2018) in FITK Meeting Room 2nd Floor.

“This coaching is done as a self-development process through the interaction of academic and non -academic strengthening for Bidikmisi students to increase their individual development,” said Fauzan in front of 40 students of Bitikmisi FITK scholarship recipients.

This guidance, he added, does not mean to disrupt the lectures of Bidikmisi students, but based on free time outside their study time.

“To be emphasized, this placement is not to make students as workers, but to train student initiatives to find new experiences in academic interaction,” he said.

In addition, he added, this activity will facilitate the faculty to monitor students so that they can be an example for other students in terms of academic achievement and self-development.

“Bidikmisi students will not be maintained if their academic achievement is below the minimum limit, so the scholarship can be revoked and replaced with others,” he said.

In line with Fauzan, Head of General Administration of FITK Imam Thobroni SE asserted that Bidikmisi students must maintain and improve their academic achievement to be maintained by their scholarship.

“We will conduct an evaluation for Bidikmisi scholarship students in the middle of the semester to be more monitored, which is appropriate to receive the scholarship and what is not worth it,” he said.

Imam warned that students whose academic achievement declined from last term, into the yellow zone. That means, warning for the student to increase his GPA in this semester. If it continues to decline, then the threatened scholarship is revoked.

“This scholarship is from the government for underprivileged students and achievers. If their performance continues to decline, then the scholarship won’t be continued,” he concluded.

It is known that the Bidikmisi scholarship recipients are deployed to the administrative services of faculty, study program, library, journal room, and labs at FITK. (usa)

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