FITK Theater, UIN NEWS Online– In preparation for the implementation of Integrated Teacher Training (PPKT), Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training (FITK) UIN Jakarta invited 92 Heads of Schools in Coordination and Socialization Meeting on Friday, (01/19/2018 ) at the Theater Room Prof Dr Mahmud Yunus Gedung, FITK UIN Jakarta

School areas where PPKT is located, are in South Tangerang, South Jakarta, Depok and Bekasi are determined based on school demand and study program recommendations (Prodi).

“Prodi recommends these schools based on last years’ experience and demand of the school, then we do the selection,” said A Royani MHum on the sidelines of the event.

Of the eight study programs that follow this activity, continued Royani, it gathered 507 participants who will be distributed to 92 schools, with average of 5 participants of school. Supervisors are prepared as many as 105 people in charge of carrying out guidance and monitoring activities from start of opening, monitoring until execution of examination.

He emphasized that this four-month activity includes teaching, research and community service.

“Monday, January 22, 2018 held the opening in FITK and handover participants to the school,” said Royani.

Present on the occasion, Vice Dean for General Administration Dr A Sofyan MPd. In his speech, Sofyan delivered the PPKT program this time is the last program implemented by FITK.

“Later, this program will be replaced with School Practice Program Persekolahan (PLP) and KKN University joined with other faculties in UIN Jakarta,” said Sofyan.

In PPKT, continued Sofyan, there is teaching, community service and research for four months. Now he thinks the research content is no longer there, focusing on teaching in the PLP Program with a two month time run by faculty and KKN program run by the university. (usa-rs)

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