FITK, UIN News Online – To celebrate the Isra Mi’raj, academic community of educational sciences faculty (FITK) UIN Jakarta holds the Isra Mi’raj event on Thursday (04/04/2019) at FITK Theater room, campus I of UIN Jakarta.

The event, that began with the Khatmul Qur’an and continued with interactive dialogue, was opened by Dean of FITK Sururin. Sururin in her remarks explained that the Khatmul Qur’an will become a regular agenda in FITK UIN Jakarta in conjunction with the Commemoration of other Islamic holidays (PHBI).

“We want this Khatmul Qur’an activity to be held as a routine agenda during the PHBI, if anyone proposes this event to be held every month, we will gladly facilitate it,” said Sururin.

Meanwhile, Sapiudin who had the opportunity to deliver the speech quoted the opinion of Sheikh Muhammad Mutawalli Asy-Sya’rawi on three important events for Muslims, the Prophet SAW bi’tsah, Isra Mi’raj, and the Prophet’s Hijrah.

In addition to Sapiudin, there are some experts who were invited to deliver the Isra Mi’raj speech in accordance with their respective fields, including Dr. Kadir MPd (Mathematical perspective), Dr. Nurrochim MM (management perspective), and Dr. Akhmad Sodiq MA (Islamic Mysticism perspective). (usa)

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