FISIP, UIN NEWS Online – UIN Jakarta Students scores another achievement. It is Bagus Muhamad Rijal, a student of the ninth semester of the Department of International Relations of FISIP, was named as the Deputy I Ambassador of Anti Drugs of Banten Province. This trust is obtained from the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) Banten Province during the International Anti-Drug Day at the Ratu Hotel Bidakara, Thursday (27/07/2017).

For Bagus, this is a new mandate after in 2015 was named as the Anti-Drug Youth Ambassador of Tangerang Regency. Nevertheless, he claimed to be physically ready to carry out a new task of socializing and educating about the dangers of drugs at the provincial level. In the next two months, for example, he has to travel no less than 50 areas throughout Banten to carry out his duties.

“Alhamdulillah I was given the trust to become Vice Ambassador  I. All of this happened thanks to the prayer and support of all. I plan to focus on socialization and education dangers of drugs in 50 places in the next 2 months,” he said when interviewed by UIN NEWS Online, Thursday (08/03/2017).

Bagus added that his appointment as vice ambassador is expected to maximize his contribution for the citizens of Banten in warding off the danger of the increasingly massive distribution of drugs. Especially ironic, Banten, which was previously known to be religious, has recently suffered a lot of drug issues. “Today, Banten is not only seen as a distributor but also as a place of production,” he complained.

According to Bagus, the socialization and education of the dangers of drugs become very important for the citizens. Socialization is needed to explain the type of drug production that continues to grow. While education is expected to equip the residents about what they should do to be wary while addressing the problem of drug use.

Not only that, education can also be provided by providing a role model for the younger generation who are considered vulnerable to the distribution of drugs. “Therefore, in the future, not only provide socialization, we must also be a role model for young people to continue working without drugs,” he said eagerly .

Got the trust as the Vice Ambassador I of Anti-Drugs, Bagus himself felt not an easy matter. Bagus must first pass a series of very tight selection. Starting from the administration selection that followed 500 participants to be filtered into 20 finalists. Subsequently, the selected participants attended the quarantine for three days at Hotel Puri Kayana, Serang. At the quarantine stage, finalists are given an understanding of kenarkobaan, public speaking, and personality.

Not only that, the finalists also take an interview with BNN, National Unity and Ministry of Homeland Affairs, a discussion about the form of tourism without drugs, and displaying creativity and talent. In the grand final, each finalist is given a question by the jury and must answer within 30 seconds. Bagus, the representative of Tangerang Regency finally appointed to become the Vice I, while First Winner was achieved by finalist from South Tangerang City, Victorius. (usa-rs)

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