Jakarta, UIN NEWS Online – Faculty of Political Science at Faculty of Social and Political Sciences UIN Jakarta, Saiful Mujani Ph.D, was awarded Achmad Bakrie (PAB) XV 2017 for Social Thought category. Award from the Achmad Bakrie Foundation was received in the PAB 2017 awardingnight in Djakarta Theater, Central Jakarta, Tuesday night (22/08/2017).

Saiful received the gift of PAB along with three other figures in the field. The other three, Ebiet G. Ade for music, Terawan Agus Putranto for the medical category who made breakthroughs with intra-artenial herapin flushing in dealing with stroke patients, and Nadiem Makarim in the technology and entrepreneurship category with his Go-Jek.

Chairman of the XV PAB Committee, Rizal Malarangeng, said Saiful was chosen because his research in politics has contributed to the general election in the homeland to move forward, such as the birth of a quick count. “Pak Saiful’s study is important not only the method. Existing statistics are important so as not to be speculative, “he said.

Rizal added that the study of Indonesian politics in Saiful’s research is done by the approach of political behavior which is a typical method, namely by public opinion survey. The survey was then developed academically and contributed to the development of science. “As a scientist, he presents new things and has a big impact on scientific research activities in the field of politics,” he added.

Responding to the award he received, Saiful admitted that he was surprised at the award he received. Nevertheless, he is grateful and proud if his activity as a scientist gets to be appreciated.

“I do not know why this option was given to me who contributed to politics. According to their judgment (assessment team, ed.), I consistently apply what is known in political studies as an approach to political behavior or political behavior,”he said.

Saiful said, he examines the political reality of Indonesia with the approach of political behavior as a unique method in which research is based on public opinion surveys. The survey was then developed academically and contributed to the development of science.

“The empirical study is exactly there. All political studies are generally empirical, but it is meant more specifically through the approach of political behavior that, in his political studies have not progressed,”he said.

PAB XV Protector, Aburizal Bakrie, hopes that Saiful and other PAB Awardee can inspire and provide something useful not only for the nation but also for the world civilization. “So it’s not just Steve Jobs who can make the work, but also Indonesia will contribute to human life in the future,” he said.

In the record UIN NEWS Online, PAB XV 2017 achieved Saiful add list of awards for research research work. Previously, he was awarded the Franklin L. Burdette / Pi Sigma Alpha Award from the American Political Science Association (APSA). With that, he became the only first political scientist outside the United States to receive awards aligning himself with renowned political scientists such as Samuel P. Huntington, Mancur Olson, and Sidney Tarrow.

The graduate of Aqidah Philosophy, Faculty of Ushuluddin, IAIN Jakarta (now UIN Jakarta), which continues Master’s study (1998) and Doctor of Political Science (2003) from Ohio State University, USA, has been consistent in researching political developments and democratization process in Indonesia since 1999. His political research and analysis became a reference for academics, politicians, policy makers, and the media. Lastly he founded Saiful Mujani Research Consulting (SMRC).

Responding to the award Saifulobtained, Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof. Dr. Dede Rosyada MA congratulates and wishes Saiful to continue to improve his work as a political scientist who colored the political research tradition in Indonesia and the world. “Hopefully the commitment and consistency in the realm of scholarship will be an example for other UIN Jakarta academics,” he said. (usa)

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