Harun Nasution Auditorium, UIN News Online – The national industry of television is urged to broadcasts shows with educational value rather than shows which contain SARA, sensuality, mystical, and sadistic elements. This is because television is broadcasted and enjoyed by Indonesian general public.

Thus was the message presented in the National Television Industry Seminar “Televisi Ko Gitu?” At the Auditorium Harun Nasution on Tuesday (26/09). The seminar was held by DNK TV Faculty of Dakwah and Communication Science (FIDKOM) UIN Jakarta in collaboration with RCTI and MNC TV.

The seminar which was opened by the Dean of FIDKOM UIN Jakarta Dr. Arief Subhan MA presented numbers of important sources. Among them were Commissioner of Indonesian Broadcasting Commission Nuning Rodiyah, Secretary Manager of DNK TV Dedi Fahrudin M, I.Kom, Director I News Dr. Nicolaus Uskono M.Si.

In her presentation, Nuning reminded the body of television industry to reduce television shows with accentuate the elements of sensuality, mysticism, and sadism. Referring to Law Number 32 year 2002 on Television Broadcasting, television broadcasting is a mass- communication media of audio-visual channel of ideas and information in the form of audio and video in general, directed or relayed, of regular and continuous program.

As a mass communication media, she explained, television gives big impact on the audience. “It is clear what kind of shows supposed to be broadcasts on TV which it’s always become the primary consumption of Indonesian every day,” she said.

Nicolaus said that he’s trying to do his part to comply broadcasting regulations by limiting shows that contains elements of SARA, sexuality, supernatural, sadism, and seagames. With television broadcasting as national industry, he continued, he’s aware that television shows are consumed by most of Indonesians.

For that reason, he encouraged other television industry to broadcast healthful shows. “TV should not give shows contain SARA, sexuality, supernatural, sadism,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dedi in his presentation expressed his concern if DNK TV as a TV media owned by UIN Jakarta has not yet able to be a good media for UIN students and public in general. Yet, DNK TV was also felt responsible for encouraging the quality improvement of local and national television shows.

“This is the reason why we organize this national seminar by inviting regulators, mediators, and academicians. Our goal is that every part of us coordinates well to give television broadcast with qualify and positive shows” he said. (usa-im)

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