Prof Dr Aqib Suminto Theater, UIN News Online – The Faculty of Da’wa and Communication Sciences (FDIK) UIN Jakarta held International Public Lecture, raising the theme on “Youth and Terrorism”. This event was held in order to prevent terrorism among the youth, especially the students of UIN Jakarta. This public lecture was held on Tuesday, (7/18) at Prof Dr Aqib Suminto theater, FIDK UIN Jakarta.

Present as the speaker, National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism Kingdom of Netherland H W M Dick Schoof MA and Dean of FIDK UIN Jakarta Dr Arief Subhan MA.

In his speech, Arief revealed that there are some many ways to overcome terrorism problem, such as by flourishing entrepreneurship tradition. By organizing entrepreneurship seminars and workshops, we can accelerate the overcoming of economic problems and social inequality.

“The emergence of student-based entrepreneurial activities has the potential to help reduce the unemployment rate of intellectuals. Because of low employment rate, someone could have joined the terrorist network,” said Arief.

In the same occasion, Dick Schoof explained, that the prevention and countermeasures of terrorism requires comprehensive cooperation from various parties. In addition to the quality and quantity of apparatus that has been established by the government, it also needs the support and awareness of the community. Because, by involving the community, early prevention of all acts of terrorism can be easily overcome.

“In addition by improving cooperation among institutions within the country, it is also necessary to cooperate with foreign counterterrorism institutions. Of course, they must be based on a legal frameworks, a solid legal basis will be the fundamental of our national policies and actions to counter all terrorism activities,” Schoof explained.

He also added, with a strong legal basis, is expected to protect various interests both public interests and human rights. (usa)

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