FIDK, UIN News Online – The Faculty of Da’wa and Communication Sciences (FIDK) UIN Jakarta holds international lecture on Wednesday (05/15/2019) at FIDK meeting room, campus I of UIN Jakarta.

By raising the theme on Jihadist Islamic Activism in Europe: A Sosio-Antropological Approach, this event presents Brigitte Maréchal, Sociology Professor from Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium as keynote speaker.

Brigitte in her presentation explained about social-anthropological factors that supported the emergence of Western Europe radicals’ jihadist groups.

According to Brigitte, Salafy’s teachings had an important role in the spread of the Islamic jihadist movement in Belgium since the 1960s There are six motivations that encourage a number of people in carrying out radical attitudes or jihadist actions

“The first is altruist motivation. Altruism is very popular in many cultures and is even considered important in the teachings of a number of religions because it teaches antiegoism,” said Brigitte.

The second is nihilist motivation. Nihilism makes people no longer believe in the norms and laws that apply. She also added that heroic motivation, the need for adventure and freedom, millenarist, apocalipstic and eschatological motivation also becomes a trigger for their actions.

“The last one is is instrumental or ideological and political motivation. A Muslim can also be a jihadist because of the ideological and political factors he believes in, not because of other factors such as beliefs in their religion,” she said. (usa)

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