FEB, UIN News Online – The Faculty of Economy and Business (FEB) UIN Jakarta socialize the use of anti-plagiarism software named Turn It In, at FEB meeting room, campus I of UIN Jakarta, Tuesday, (02/13/2018). Socialization itself is done in order to improve the lecturers and FEB student scientific works quality by avoiding the potential of plagiarism during its writing process.

Present as a speakers, Head of Central Library of UIN Jakarta Amrullah Hasbana S.Ag., and Central Library Librarian Ulfah Andayani S.Ag SS M.Hum.

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs of UIN Jakarta Dr. Fadhilah Suralaga M.Si who opened this socialization event appreciate the use of anti-plagiarism software initiated by FEB along with the Central Library. According to her, this socialization is in line with UIN Jakarta’s commitment to encourage the free plagiarism scientific works quality improvement.

“UIN Jakarta has a strong commitment in preventing the action of plagiarism. Therefore, this activity is expected to help the academic community FEB UIN Jakarta to avoid plagiarism during scientific works writing process,” she explained.

Separately, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs FEB UIN Jakarta Dr Amilin M.Si., Ak., CA., BKP., QIA added that socialization is done to encourage the scientific publications quality improvement, both written by lecturers and students. This is in line with FEB policy that requires its student to produce published scientific works as one of graduation criteria.

“The writing obligation applies to all FEB students, either undergraduate, master, or doctoral level. The only difference is that undergraduate students are only required to publish their scientific work in online journals or conference-seminar proceedings,” he said.

Through Turn It In similarity test, Amilin added, the similarity between scientific works will be measured. if the similarity limit exceeds tolerance, a work is requested to be revised.

FEB itself, continued Amilin, follow the provisions of similarity tolerance limit based on Decree (SK) Director General of Islamic Education Ministry of Religious Affairs No. 7142 year 2017 on Prevention of Plagiarism in Islamic Higher Education Institution.

The decree gives the maximum limit of plagiarism level on bachelor’s thesis, master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation. The maximal similarity limit tolerated for bachelor’s thesis is 25%, while for the master’s thesis and doctoral dissertation the maximum is 20% similarity. (usa)

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