Rectorat, UIN NEWS Online Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) UIN Jakarta soon opened Doctoral Program (S3) Islamic Banking commencing Odd Semester 2016. The program was opened after the Ministry of Religious Affairs gave an operating license by decree of the Director General of the Islamic Educational Provider License No. 6546/2015 on Islamic Banking Doctoral Program FEB UIN Jakarta issued on 16 November 2015.

This was conveyed by the Dean of the Faculty of UIN Jakarta Dr. Arief Mufraini Lc MA in Gd. Solids, Monday (21/03). “Starting this year we started accepting registrations doctoral students participating in the program, “he said.

According to Arief, this doctoral program will be offered with patterned integrative curriculum. That is, the program that offers a curriculum of science banking combined with aspects of Islam (shari’a). “With Study program management of Islamic Economics at the undergraduate and Master of Islamic Banking, we are confident of being able to offer a superior curriculum,” he said.

Curriculum excellence, he added, is supported by the availability of professors and lecturers representing scientific banking financial sector and a strong Islamic sector, both graduates of leading universities and abroad. Integrating lecturers who represent two aspects of science is believed Arief who was able to guarantee quality doctoral education & Islamic Banking.

With the opening of this doctoral program, he added, making UIN Jakarta as the initiator management doctoral program in the first Islamic Banking PTKIN FEB. Previously, FEB also become one of the faculty PTKIN programs offer first master of Islamic banking in Indonesia. “We hope that the opening of the program will help FEB for the shifting of Teaching at the University into a Research University,” he said.

Vice Dean of the Faculty of Public Administration Dr. Ade Sofyan added Mulazid MA doctoral granting operating licenses are expected to hoist the UIN Jakarta FEB attractiveness as a place of Islam in Indonesia learning economy. “As the country’s largest Islamic universities, we seem to have a very decent offer for doctoral programs of Islamic banking,” he said.

Prior permission of the doctoral program are given the Ministry of Religion, Faculty of UIN Jakarta itself has been conducting Master Education of Islamic Banking by decree of the Director General of Islamic Education Ministry of Religion No. 1456 of 2014 on the program of Masters at Islamic Banking. The program aimed to print the master’s in Islamic banking continues to attract the number of student applicants. (Translated by Ihsan/Safee)

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