FEB Building, UIN NEWS Online— Faculty of Economy and Business (FEB) Who are members of the Association of Islamic Business Economics Faculty or AFEBIS in Indonesia should move faster in terms of management and development both in terms of academic, administrative and human resources.

AFEBIS which collects the Indonesia FEBs from State College of Islamic Religion (PTKIN) should not lose competitiveness with FEB in other campus. Because the scientific excellence of Islamic Economics is an important identity that is not owned by another campus.

As stated by Chairman of AFEBIS and Dean of FEB UIN Jakarta Dr. Arief Mufraini in the Nationwide AFEBIS PTKIN Forum which was held at 2nd floor Theater of FEB Building, Wednesday (10/5/2017). “If PTKIN has Ushuluddin Faculty it is normal, but if you have FEB, this is interesting. Because in terms of experience, other campuses are one step ahead of us,” he said.

Referring to UIN News Online, most of PTKIN have started to develop FEB with nomenclature of Faculty of Economics and Business or Faculty of Islamic Economics. These faculties offer diverse studies such as management, accounting, economics and development studies, sharia economics, and sharia banking. In UIN Jakarta, FEB has even offered education in master’s degree and doctoral of sharia banking.

To the UIN News Online, the Chairman of AFEBIS discloses, the management of PTKIN FEB should be considered quickly and skip both in academic aspect-scientific and supporting facilities. “This means that the speed must be increased to catch up with other campuses,” said Arif.

To that end, continued Arif, this time AFEBIS forum is attended by 30 Dean and Vice Dean of PTKIN in Indonesia in order to prepare and sharpen the academic development programs of FEB PTKIN in the future.

Still according to him, this forum agenda is intended to determine the Regional Coordinator (Korwil). The determination is to facilitate the coordination on FEB focus issues. “The determination of Korwil is an effort to speed up our work. And we will discuss the important issues concerning the matters of teaching, research and dedication,” he said again. (usa)

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