FDI Hall, UIN News Online – Faculty of Dirasat Islamiya (FDI) UIN Jakarta holds a literary and 4C-based training for Koto Baru MAPK MAN Teachers PK / MAN Koto Baru Padang Panjang, West Sumatera.

The training, which started from October 30 to November 2, was attended by 10 teachers of MAN Koto Baru, held at the classes and assembly room of FDI UIN Jakarta. The agenda of these activities are two days of class activity and micro teaching practice, and two more days attending lectures directly in FDI S1 and S2 classes.

Present as the speakers, Dr. Hindun MPd (Aktive Learning Teaching Method), Tanenji SAg MA (4-C Based Learning), Dr. M Syairozi Dimyathi MEd (Islamic Content Learning), and Dr. Ahmadi Usman MA (Arabic Language Content Learning).

This event is the result of cooperation between FDI UIN Jakarta and MAN Koto Baru, previously on January 26, 2017 FDI with MAN Koto Baru signing MoU. Where, one of the contents of the memorandum of understanding is the parties entitled to apply to request, propose, and recommend a team of experts as resource persons in activities organized by one party.

In order to realize the field of cooperation, on August 10, 2017, MAN Koto Baru held a cooperation visit related to training for MAPK MAN Koto Baru teachers. In this meeting, the MAN Koto Baru said that along with the reopening of MAPK program which has been previously closed by the Ministry of Religious Affairs. As coordinator for MAPK, MAN Koto Baru positively responded this decision by developing new effective learning model.

“Currently we are developing 4-C (Comunication, Colaboration, Critical timing, and Creative innovative Skill & problem solving) literacy based learning methods,” said one representative of MAN Koto Baru to UIN News Online, Thursday, (11/2/2017).

He also added that through this model, students are expected to be able to re-explain the material, analyze, and put it into practice. This is because at this time the learning more oriented to maudhu’i and tahlili but exclude the fiqih or tafsir muqaran. “Students are also expected to apply mantiq and balaghah theories. Hopefully, FDI will become an effective learning center for madrasah and pesantren in Indonesia,” he added. (usa)

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