FDI, UIN News Online – FDI UIN Jakarta holds national seminar during the opening of HAMASA (Harakah Musabaqah Al-Lughah Al-Arabiyah) 2017, entitled “Membumikan Nilai-nilai Islam Melalui Karya Sastra”, Monday (10/16/2017), at FDI building, campus I of UIN Jakarta.

The seminar presents a poet and bookwriter Helvy Tiana Rosa, and Arabic literary critics Dr Siti Amsariah MA as resource person.

Also present in the event, Deputy Dean for Academic Affair FDI UIN Jakarta Dr Ahmadi Usman Lc MA, Deputy Dean for General Administration FDI UIN Jakarta Dr Asmawi MA, Deputy Dean for Student Affairs Dr Cahya Buana MA, as well as invited guests and civitas academica of FDI UIN Jakarta.

In her remarks, Cahya revealed that this activity is a form of FDI commitment which focuses on the Arabic language under the auspices of UIN Jakarta.

“FDI is a representative of UIN Jakarta which has a great responsibility to encourage both students and society to continuously developing Arabic language and its literatures,” she said.

On the same occasion, Helvy said that we must a more modern approach and should be easily accepted by young adults in order to globalize Islamic lifestyle, which is through religious literature approach.

“Basically, every human being has a strong affinity with literatures; this is evidenced by many literary works born from the experience of human life. Through literary works, many humans learn to adapt and develop. Just as my literary work is actually a part of my experiences that can be learned by others,” said Helvy.

On the same occasion, Amsariyah also explained that through literary works, the religious message can penetrate all levels of society. Certain groups of society that initially difficult to be penetrated by the preachers will automatically absorb the values and ideology that exist in the literary works. “Literary works is an effective means of propagation to spread a certain ideology,” said the Amsariyah. (usa)


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