Jakarta, UIN NEWS Online – One of the students of Faculty of Dirasat Islamiyah (FDI) UIN Jakarta participated in the 2017 Nusantara Jaya Expedition Program (ENJ) held by the Coordinating Ministry for Home Affairs (Kemenkomaritim) at Lebetawi Village, Dullah Utara, Tual City Maluku Province.

The expedition lasted approximately one month followed by various schools and universities throughout Indonesia.

On this occasion, UIN Jakarta with 19 students from various departments, mingle and socialize with dozens of students from other universities. The envoy from FDI UIN Jakarta is Abdul Aziz Hakim, a seventh semester student.

On the other side, Vice Dean for Student Affairs FDI UIN Jakarta Dr. CahyaBuana MA appreciated and congratulated on the election of one of his students in this ENJ activity. He also advised, so that opportunity is utilized as possible to do the devotion and provide motivation and spirit of learning for the Eastern society there.

“Keep inspiring, and as much as you can teach what you can. Use the best of this opportunity. And keep almamater good name wherever located, “Cahyasaid.

Cahya also added,Abdul’s participation in ENJ also became a pride for himself and FDI in general, because this year in addition to Abdul Aziz Hakim who had the opportunity to follow the ENJ, there are two representatives of other FDI students who make themselves proud to participate in KKN Kebangsaan in Gorontalo and Malaysia.

“With all these activities, it is expected that the FDI in particular and UIN Jakarta in general will be more widely known, as well as increasing the insight and experience for the students in the wider arena. (usa)

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