FDI, UIN News Online – The sixth ssemester student of the Dirasat Iskamiyah Faculty of UIN Jakarta Budi Andrianto, participate in the Ittihadu Thalabati al Lughah al Arabiyah Bi Indonesia Abroad (ITHLA) program batch 3 of Malaysia and Thailand.

In addition to deeply examine the language of Islam, this program also serves as a medium to establish silaturrahim with our Muslim brothers and sisters in Asia, especially Thailand.

To be able to take part in the program, Budi, along with Arabic students from various other universities throughout Indonesia, had to take part in various selection process until he passed as a delegate to this program.

Budi also added, while in Thailand, he found a moderate and tolerant Islam, just like Islam in Indonesia. Budi and his friends also visited the University in Thailand, PSU (Princess of Naradhiwas University), where the university also has a Dirasat Islamiyah Faculty.

As information, previously, In’amuzzahidin Ali successfully participated in the ITHLA Abroad in 2017 (first) and assigned in Terengganu, Malaysia. In 2018, Hanifah, also in Terengganu, Malaysia, and the third ITHLA Abroad 2019, Budi who got assignments in Thailand. (usa/rs)

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