FDI, UIN News Online – To enliven the Isra Mi’raj commemoration, the Student executive board (DEMA) of the Dirasat Islamiyah Faculty (FDI) UIN Jakarta holds a Women’s Fiqh seminar on Thursday (04/18/2019), at the Hall of FDI, campus I of UIN Jakarta.

The activity that carries the theme of the Seminar Moderasi Islam: Problematika Fiqih Wanita, was attended all academic community of UIN Jakarta.

The collaborative event between DEMA FDI UIN Jakarta and Syahamah (Syabab Ahlisunnah wal Jama’ah) in Banten presented Samir Al-Khouly Al-Husseini (Global University of Lebanon) as a speaker.

Samir in his presentation discussed the Women’s Fiqh which included menstruation and the post natal bleeding. He also said about the importance of keeping the aqeedah to be protected from extreme understanding. “We must always be in the right corridor in accordance with what has been commanded by God,” said Samir

As information, there were around 100 participants who attended the event. Additionally, event was getting lively with stunning performances from the FDI hadroh team. (usa)

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