FDI Buiding, UIN NEWSOnline-Through the program launched by UIN Jakarta Community Service Center, Faculty DirasatIslamiyah (FDI) performs Community Service in Karang Tengah Village, Pagedangan Sub-district, Tangerang Regency, Banten Province.

This activity was led by Dean Dr Hamka HasanLc MA, Dr Cahya Buana MA (Vice Dean for Student Affairs, Alumni and Cooperation) as well as Chief Executive. While members of the PpMD Team consist of, Dr. Ahmadi Usman MA, Dr. Yuli Yasin MA, Ghilmanul WasathLc MA, FatihunnadaLc MA, and Nailil Huda Med.

The program, which has been planned since August, will be held on Monday (21/08), and the event highlight will be held on Monday (01/10) at Karang Tengah Village.

The activities funded by UIN Jakarta are allocated for two activities, such as physical development in the form of renovation of the wells, majlista’lim, and Musholla Sohibuddiniyyah. Both human resource and the developments related to the importance of education and environmental sanitation.

Muharam 1439 Hijriyah Festival was chosen by the PpMD Team as a major theme in realizing the PpMD program. This festival was agreed to be held on 30 September-01 October 2017 and held in two major activities like inter-village competitions such as adzan, hifdzulqur’anjuz 30, religious poetry, tilawatilqur’an and speeches between RT and RW chairman.

To UIN NEWS Online, the committee said that the contests in this activity as an effort to motivate the public about the importance of education and religion, so they want to study and continue education to a higher level. In the event, a religious lecture delivered by the Dean of the Faculty of DirasatIslamiyah Dr. HamkaHasan related to the urgency of education and environmental sanitation.

The dean, in his lecture, said that “Hijrah needs sacrifice for better achievement. In order to welcome the new year of Hijri, we must emigrate from bad deeds to be better to achieve better results “

At the end of the lecture the Dean of FDI offers scholarships to study in FDI for children who have Arabic ability and ready to memorize the Qur’an one juzin each semester.

UIN NEWS Online team reported, the inauguration of development and launching study of Islam of Karang Tengah Village was held on the Highlight of the event as well.

In his speech, the head of Karang Tengah Koswara SIP village conveyed an infinite gratitude for the dedication of the PpMD Team in his village and hoped that this activity will continue in every year and make Karang Tengah Village as an UIN Jakarta Village. (usa-rs).

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