FDI, UIN News Online – The Faculty of Dirasat Islamiyah (FDI) UIN Jakarta accepts the registration of prospective new undergraduate student through the BLU scholarship program for 2019/2020 academic year. Scholarships are given only for 40 participants who meet the requirements and pass the written test.

This was said by Deputy Dean of Academic Affairs Yuli Yasin to the UIN News Online on Wednesday (5/22/2019). Yuli said that the selection of the BLU scholarship program had been carried out in recent years. The enrollment type is specifically given to prospective students who have have the ability to memorize the Qur’an (tahfidz).

“This scholarship is specifically for the Tahfidz program. So, we will accept only prospective students who fulfill the Tahfidz,” she said.

Yuli said, the registration of the UIN Jakarta BLU tahfidz scholarship program was opened from 17 to 24 May 2019. Requirements for prospective students include graduates of the Islamic boarding school or Madrasah and have the skills of the basics of Arabic.

Additionally, prospective students must also have basic Islamic knowledge, be able to read the Koran properly and correctly, and be willing to memorize the Qur’an 8 juz during the study period (1 juz per semester).

“Prospective students who pass the selection will be given a full scholarship during the study period or eight semesters,” Yuli explained.

Yuli also added, prospective students who had registered would be selected from June 17-21 2019 in the FDI building. Selection material includes basic Arabic skills, Islamic religious knowledge, and other general knowledge. (usas)

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