Rectorate, UIN News Online – Fatahillah Mediation Center of UIN Jakarta officially receives the Indonesian Supreme Court certificate as a certified non-judge mediator training center. The issuance of certificate was based on the Decree of the Indonesian Supreme Court  Chief Justice Number 33 / KMA / SK / II / 2021 dated February 3 and signed by the Indonesian Supreme Court  Chief Justice Muhammad Syarifuddin.

In response, Director of Fatahillah Mediator Center Alfitra admitted that he felt very grateful.  He also expressed his deepest gratitude for the support provided by the leadership and colleagues at UIN Jakarta.

“After a few years of struggle, UIN Jakarta finally has a mediation institution certified by the Indonesian Supreme Court,” said Alfitra

He also explained that since 2018, his party has applied for the Fatahillah Mediation Center certification propsal to the Indonesian Supreme Court. “Finally, right in February 2021, we officially obtain the Decree of the Indonesian Supreme Court  Chief Justice regarding the Fatahillah Mediation Center as a mediation institution,” he explained.

With the mediation institution certification, he said, the Fatahillah Mediation Center can conduct training for certified mediator candidates. In the future, he hopes that the existence of the institution can provide positive impact and contribution for UIN Jakarta.

“And of course this will provide significant benefits to the general public both in court or non-court litigation,” he hoped.

He added that mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that must be disseminated to the public. “This will be useful for many people who seek justice,” he concluded. (usa/zm)

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