JAKARTA – Ramadan fasting is not just a thirst and hunger. True fasting is also to train self-control and feel the pain of others.

Therefore, this Ramadan fasting should be interpreted to cultivate empathy to build a strong social solidarity in order to build a peaceful and sovereign Indonesia in order to avoid the danger of radicalism and terrorism.

Rector of State Islamic University (UIN) Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, Dede Rosyada says, Ramadan fasting is a special worship. In this month, God has many missions.

“Starting from the internal enhancement of every Muslim, how to relate to God so that the relationship to the top feels better and how to foster solidarity among fellow Muslims, this fast is also to cultivate togetherness to people of different ethnicity, even different religions,” he said.

He explains, in the month of Ramadan, Allah also ordered his people to worship more with sodaqah by giving something to others. In essence, Allah through Rasullulah is training his people to build empathy, compassion and build solidarity with others.

“I think this fast is a very strategic one for Muslims to try to live up to the meaning of this fast to build this bigger nation through togetherness, whether the person is one religion or different religion. This is a part that is built through this fasting, “he said.

Then at the end of Ramadan, he said, Allah has ordered his people to pay Zakat fitrah to clean themselves as well as to feed the poor.

“Actually, part of the process of fasting, one of which is how to build solidarity among Muslims and with people of different religions though,” he said.

According to him, fasting should also be used by the community to be patient so as not to be easily provoked against negative actions such as hate speech and hoax. Especially lately the Indonesian nation was rocked by several acts of terrorism.

“Not only be patient, but also reject terrorism. Although often the action uses religious symbols when performing acts of terror, both in terms of clothing, speech, pronunciation and so forth. But the action itself is not a religion and is not part of the religious command, “he said.

He considered, hate speech and hoaxes potentially cause commotion and split. Therefore, Dede invites the entire nation of Indonesia not to spread hate speech and hoaxes.

“Hate speech and hoaxes are wrong and violate the rules of religion. If it violates any religious rules it is wrong. When we are mistaken, we will be affected by the effects in akhirat,” said former Director of Islamic Higher Education, Ditjen Pendidikan Islam, Ministry of Religious Affairs.

For that, he said, fasting should be used as a reflection to love each other. The affection it says is not only reflected by giving only food or clothing, but also how our hearts are also part of their hearts. Because fasting is training to give love to others.

“This should be part of our shared consciousness as fellow Muslims so that we can develop and mobilize this to minimize the terrorist movement whose penetration through religious symbols, whether through the halaqoh-halaqoh or studies which then deviated,” said Dede.

He also emphasized, the plurality of this nation must also be maintained properly. Moreover, the Indonesian nation has an instrument to maintain harmony, whether it is harmony between religious communities, harmony with the government and so forth. This can be seen from the legal instruments or political instruments in the country that are sufficient.

” We hope no more things will harm the nation and we should all be able to voice how peaceful Islam and peace Indonesia. Indonesia will progress if we achieve by implementing religion well, “he said. (usa)

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