FAH, UIN News Online – To support documentary filmmaking and script writing courses, the Department of History and Islamic Civilization (SPI) FAH UIN Jakarta organized creative film workshops. This event was held at the theater Prof. Dr. Bustami Abdul Ghani on the 5th floor of the Faculty of Adab and Humanities, Wednesday (09/27/2018).

Adi Pranajaya, director and lecturer at the Jakarta Arts Institute (IKJ), who has been in the world of cinema for 30 years is invited to be a speaker in this event. Adi said that there are two things that need to be known about the person behind the film, namely sineas or film artists, who always try to display messages and moral values, and think about how to educate the nation, and the second term for filmmakers who often give birth to a film that is not worth watching or is only profit oriented.

Creative Film Workshop which starts at 09:30 WIB is a career guidance training for final semester students, who are considered very necessary, moreover the preparation to face the challenges of the times and the world that are increasingly inseparable from technology and information. “This training as a guidance only, so that when their talents and interests are awakened, it will be developed in the future,” said FAH UIN Jakarta Deputy Dean for Student Affair Zubair in his remarks.

In line with Zubair, Ilyas as the event moderator said that Islamic history student must be able to compete with other history students, so there should be a lot of Islamic values ​​that could be raised in a documentary.

Adi also hopes that this event will produce students who are able to produce film works, both documentary films and so on. According to him, participants must have mastered and studied the world of cinema, because as students of history there are certainly many historical facts that are worthy to be appointed in the public, even though the challenges are great.

“I am very grateful that the faculty accommodates this workshop, so we can learn a lot and become aware of how to make good and true documentary videos,” said Irma Zahrotunisa, a seventh semester student, Islamic History and Civilization. (usa)

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