FAH, UIN News Online – Lecturers of the Adab and Humanities Faculty (FAH) participate in public discussions themed “Islam in Indonesia and Disruption of Information Technology: Study of Humanities Sciences”, Thursday (10/18/2018). Muhammad Azwar, as the Moderator said that this discussion was held to provide understanding to the lecturers in order to be able to optimize the use of technology in teaching activities on campus.

Syahriga Syahrul, the first guest speaker explained that the development of technology in various lines led to many changes in society, both in the business world, communication, and so on. The influence of disruption on society is very large. People who are lazy to read will be eroded by time and left behind with information technology, do not want to change the mindset as well as lifestyles will slowly become extinct with new civilizations. In this era collaboration or collaboration will determine a person’s future, even a nation.

Technological progress does have a major influence on people’s lives, facilitating all living aspects, even more effective in several matters “society must be more open with technology and information, many things have to be learned to be able to answer todays challenge, otherwise we will fall out and left behind the progress “he explained

According to Syahriga, the world of technology and information in Indonesia lags far behind that of developed countries, Syahriga exemplifies Japan that has used technology in agriculture called vertical farming, that is, with ultraviolet light they are able to manipulate sunlight so that they can grow vegetables even in buildings. Syahriga hopes that Indonesia will be able to produce technology that can benefit the community.

Syahriga emphasized on the moral wisdom that should accompany the use of technology so that the concept of Hablu Minannas was not eroded by the times. The progress of technology today made humans have very high individual tendencies. “The application of morality is also very necessary for users of technology and information, otherwise the spread of harmful hoaxes will spread freely and widely. Cheating in business will be rampant, and so does the human self emphasize a good aqidah in living life so as not to be hoaxed or amoral,” he said.

In line with Syahriga, Syukron Kamil said that there needs to be a religious value that can frame the use of technology with a wise attitude to self-management, because it is undeniable that the use of social media (social media) will continue to grow along with the times. Based on research conducted by Kompas (Internet Service Provider 2017) (3-6-2018: 5,8-7-18: 17) there are 54.68% of Internet users in Indonesia and 87% use social media services.

Syukron said that Islam harmonize with science and technology, but the existence of technology must not be sacred and overused which violates the normal limit. Technological advancements need to be utilized properly will result in a wise society, a small example of a digital library, the Classical and Contemporary Study Book Association in which there are various kinds of books that are needed by society.

Children who are accustomed to using gadgets from a young age experience cultural disruption, because they do not have good emotional abilities, do not understand how to build good relationships, “if the children used to play conflicts often between friends, and they will find ways to solve them. , from there they learned how to establish good relationships with friends, and able to withstand emotions, “Syukron said.

Syukron quoted Marshall McLuhan’s wise words, because technology is an amputation of humanity. Because it is able to amputate the awareness of space and time and even the performance of the brain that tends to be lazy to remember and memorize. Finally, Syahriga advised that it was time for Indonesian people to work, collaborate, become human beings who benefit others, and change for the better. In fact, he stressed that the way to rule the world through communication and collaboration. (usa)

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