Faculty of Adab and Humanities, UIN News Online – Student association of Arabic Language and Literature study program and student association of translation study program of UIN Jakarta in collaboration with Arabic Studies student association of Indonesia (IMASASI) held a seminar on National Culture entitled “Dinamika Perkembangan Bahasa dan Kebudayaan Arab di Nusantara” was taking place at the theatre of Prof Bustami Abdul Ghani UIN Jakarta, Thursday, (12/15).

The seminar which is moderated by Rizqi Handayani MA (Secretary for Translation study program of UIN Jakarta) presents three speakers, they are Prof Dr Hj Amany Lubis MA (Professor of Political History of Islam from the faculty of sharia and law UIN Jakarta), Dr Abdul Mutaali PhD (Director of the Center for Islamic and Middle East Studies of UI (PKTTI-UI)) and Drs H Saifullah Kamalie Lc MHum PhD (Lecturer from translation study program of UIN Jakarta).

In her presentation, Amany Lubis explained that Arabic language came into the nusantara along with the emergence of Islam in the 7th century until the 8th century AD and brought by Muslim traders from the Arab peninsula and Persia, and finally Islam began to flourish in the Nusantara around the 11th century until the 12th century AD (Hadi, 1995).

“This means the Arabic language has become a very important part in the cultural expression of our ethnic groups in the Nusantara. In fact, the the Arabic alphabet (hijā’iyah) once used for the writing in the Nusantara until the eve of World War I,” said Amany.

According to Amany, he Dutch was the one who changed the Arabic alphabet into the Latin to weaken the influence of the Arabic language in the Nusantara.

In the same occasion, Muta’ali explained that culture and the teachings of Islam have grown in Indonesia. It begins with the emergence of the Samudera Pasai Kingdom as the first Islamic kingdom in Indonesia, and this is where the culture and the teachings of Islam spread all over Indonesia.

“In addition to those mentioned above, there are many figures who explain about the entrance and development of culture and the teachings of Islam to Indonesia,” he said (ika p/umar)

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