FAH, UIN News Online – Faculty of Adab and Humanities (FAH) UIN Jakarta, in collaboration with Association of Humanities Lecturers of Indonesia will host a second international conference with the theme of “Contemporary Islam and Culture in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.” on August 29-31, 2018, at Aviary Hotel Bintaro, South Tangerang.

Based on release obtained by UIN News Online, Thursday (08/23/2018), This international conference aims to profoundly understand nowadays relation between SE Asia and ME, including its relation to the cultures and languages of both regions, in terms of interdisciplinary studies. This conference is also intended to map the position of countries within both regions and how those countries interact with as well as influence each other.

To acquire that aim, this conference includes the plenary sessions and the parallel ones. The plenary sessions will deliver the speech of the keynote speaker and the papers of the invited panelists of this conference, while the parallel sessions will demonstrate the papers submitted to this conference by its participants. In both sessions, this conference expects that the panelists and the participants will exchange their thoughts and findings in connection to the above-mentioned.

The conference will present a number of keynote speakers, namely, Prof. Dr. Phil. H. Kamaruddin Amin, M.A., (Directorate General of Islamic Education, Ministry of Religious Affair), Dr. Abdul Majid Hakimollahi (Al Mustafa International University, Qum, Iran), Prof. Dr. Azyumardi Azra (UIN Jakarta), Assoc. Prof. Anisa Taouil Hassaounal (Univ. Hassan II, Morocco). (usa)

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