FAH, UIN News Online – Interest in reading and seeking referrals to support lectures  for students of the Faculty of Adab and Humanities (FAH) seems to be increasing. As the library is never empty of visitors. The library of the Faculty of Adab and Humanities, which continues to meet the needs of students in finding resources. This was done by all FAH library staff to always improve the quality of service, by providing good services so that the students would be more active to visit the library.

To the UIN Online News team, Tuesday (09/18/2018), Head of Library Affairs Azwar explained, that the FAH library is now equipped with various adequate facilities such as wifi, computers, adequate seating, waiting rooms, lockers, electrical terminals, and forms of service in network (online).

“The form of service that we provide is not only from infrastructure but also from the ethics of the staff themselves, for example always do services with a friendly face”, said Azwar.

Azwar added, from the attendance list, the number of visitors increased as of 14 September 2018, there were 1,098 visitors who came to the FAH library. This number is a significant increase than the previous month which only 200 people.

The increasing interest of students to visit the library is an achievement in itself. Where, FAH has two libraries, namely the FAH library, and the Nurcholish Madjid library, Azwar added.

For information, the number of English Language and Literature library  book has393 book titles and 575 copies, as its collection,  Library Science has 366 book titles and 539 copies, Arabic Language and Literature has the collections of 390 book titles and 584 copies, Islamic History and Civilization with 400 titles books and 579 copies, Tarjamah has 344 titles with 517 copies, and the Masters has 329 titles with 492 copies for both collection respectively.

“The FAH library is now better, a comfortable place that has growing collection of books. It ease us in completing lecture tasks or in expanding our knowledge”, said Erik, student of History of Islamic Civilization department when met by the UIN NEWS Online team. (usa-rs)

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