FAH Theater,  UIN NEWS Online— The Student Senate (SEMA) of Faculty of Adab and Humanities (FAH) holds the Third Student Representative Meeting of Faculty of Adab and Humanity on Wednesday-Thursday (29-30 / 11) at Prof Abdul Ghani Theater 5th Floor FAH UIN Jakarta.

The event, which featured the Urgency of Legislative Affairs for Youth for National Development, presented the speakers including Dr. H TB Ace Hasan Syadzily MSi (Member of the House of Representatives Commission II), Dr. Zubair Ahmad MA (Vice Dean of FAH Student Affairs) UIN Jakarta, Akhmad Yusuf S Hum (Chairman of SEMA UIN Jakarta period 2013-2014), and all members of FAH UIN Jakarta Student Organization.

Andhika Ripwan Saputra as the Chairman of SEMA FAH revealed that this activity aims to approve budget and work program, termination of faculty level law, and accountability report of all FAH UIN Jakarta Student Organization.

“Also, this activity becomes a forum for joint evaluation for the progress of the FAH student body. Finally I thank you very much to the head of FAH faculty, as well as the entire board of FAH’s student organization for its cooperation and support during this time,” he added.

In his speech, Zubair greatly appreciated the performance and dedication of SEMA and DEMA FAH boarders this year, who always coordinate with the faculty leaders.

“But do not forget the reports of work programs so far that have not been signed in soon be resolved,” he said.

On the occasion, TB Ace Hasan gives motivation to FAH activists to continue to develop their ability in organizing. “Because in the organization, softskill and hardskill will be considered in balance. I also urge you not to be afraid of politics. Because politics (the good) is a tool to advance the nation and state, “he said.

Still according to TB Ace, the main aspects that we must have in organizing that is mental. If we already have a strong mentality to anchor in an organization, it will be easy for us to continue the next journey.

The same thing is expressed by Yusuf that by organizing we are able to find our true identity as intellectuals. “Not just sitting and listening to lecturers give lectures, but we can also feel the satisfaction of being a leader in an organization. For example, we are a student who is not accustomed to speech or often nervous when talking in front of the crowd, by organizing we will be fostered for it, “he said. (usa)

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