FU, UIN News Online – To encourage a research tradition among lecturers and students, the Ushuluddin Faculty (FU) of UIN Jakarta holds sharing session on the best research practice by presenting a number of experienced researchers, Wednesday (10/07/2020) through Zoom application and attended by dozens of lecturers and researchers from UIN Jakarta and other institutions.

Two resource persons for the activity were Hakimul Ikhwan and Yanwar Pribadi. They did a lot of research and published it in various recognized international journals. Ikhwan is a lecturer at the Department of Sociology, FISIP, Gadjah Mada University (UGM), while Yanwar is a lecturer at UIN Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin Banten.

The dean of FU UIN Jakarta Yusuf Rahman in his opening remarks hoped that this activity could provide insight for lecturers and students in the Faculty of Ushuluddin in exploring topics and compiling research designs in order to produce various academic works.

“Therefore, we really hope that our experienced resource persons can share their experiences with students and lecturers of the Faculty of Ushuluddin,” said Yusuf.

Ikhwan in his presentation described his research experience from a sociological approach. According to him, research in the perspective of social scientists was born as a form of accountability of the academic community on various existing social problems.

The Muqadimmah book for example, this book was written by Ibn Khaldun as a response to various conflicts and wars during his lifetime. Another writer is Karl Marx who wrote various monumental works after seeing the number of outflow from rural areas to urban areas which led to many problems.

“Social scientists usually look at the problem and then formulate a solution to the problem, or give a formula to answer the problem. That’s what social scientists do across generations,” he said.

Furthermore, the Ikhwan who wrote books entitled ‘Democratic Islamism: Islamists’ Engagement with Democratic Politics Post-Suharto’ and ‘The Roots of Hitherto Conflict: Elaboration on Ibn Chaldoun’s Thoughts’ published by Cambridge Scholar Publisher described the steps that need to be taken by researchers in conducting research.

On the other hand, Yanwar added that research activities cannot be separated from the ability of researchers to read their own abilities and their research objects, one of which is by adjusting the research focus with the researcher’s own interests and scientific focus. (usa/zm)

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