FU, UIN News Online—Master Degree Program of Ushuluddin Faculty UIN Jakarta holding a public lecture entitled “Tauhid Flag in the Perspective of Hadith and Contemporary Interpretation” in Theatre Room, Friday (11/9/2018). The public lecture which presented by Dr. Abd Moqsith Ghazali and Dr. Ahmad Fudhaili was attended by Master Degree students and general public.

The Committee of this event Ahmad Baiquni, MA. Said that the event was held with the aim of studying scientifically the writing of Tauhid sentences on the flag. The study was carried out by presenting the Prophet’s hadiths about the shape of the flag in the Prophet’s time and the interpretation from Mufassir.

“Is the flag that has the inscription of Tauhid sentences including the Muslim flag, the flag of Prophet, or flag used by hardliners? This forum will study it as a whole”, he said.

This public lecture draws several conclusions. It is includes the status of the hadith of Prophet about liwa’ and rayah (war flag) is classified as dhaif or weak.

Hadith that are the backrest of liwa and rayah are usually continued the paths of Ibn Abbas ra hadiths. The editor explained that the Prophet’s flag was black and the panji was white containing the writings of Laa Illaha Illallah Muhammad Rasulullah on it. The hadith is contained in a number of hadith books. Mujamul Awsath by At-Thabarani by Abus Syekh Al-Ashbihani is one of them.

But seen from the sanad, muhadditsun or  hadith experts find the presence of rawi or narrators of troubled hadiths, namely Ahmad Ibn Risydin. Some of muhadditsun such as An-Nasaisaw Ibn Risydin narrated many hadiths but many of the are munkar or fake. Even Adz-Dhahabi called Ibn Risydin as a hadith forger or muttaham nil wadhi. (usa)

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